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Tom Ryan 

Tage:  I would like to order the following parts:

Float   8553-2  Svommer

Accel. Pump  9782  Accelerat stempel

Float needle   8554   Kegleventil

Seat     8555    Nippel for 8554

Throttle cable    8927   Bowden Kabel

Karburettor Rubber Boot  8589  Gummihaette

Petcock    7663   Benzinhane

Petcock packing    7578   .005  Pakning

Petcock packing    7579   .1 Pakning

Shock rubber    9682 (X4)  Gummistrop

Shock Rubber   10103 (x4) Gummistrop

Exhaust pipe    8073    UDBLAESNINGSRER

Muffler tip    8492   Fiskehale

Fork shock boot    9314 (x2)    Gummibaelg

Hand grips     7205-2

Red Lens lamp    8290     Kontrollampe

Headlamp gasket    9946    Pakning

Complete gasket set with three (3) head gaskets   7009 (x2)

Exhaust clamp    7544 (x2)    Spaendestykke


Thank you,

Tom Ryan

17578 Santa Fe Trail

Helendale,  CA  92342

Telephone:  760-285-9099


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

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